Sidewalk or Parking Lot pre-salt: We will pre-salt your sidewalks when snow or freezing rain is coming making it safer for you, your employees and customers.

Sidewalk  or Parking Lot snow removal: We can shovel your sidewalks and plow your parking lots so you don't have to. 

Residential snow removal: Don't risk your health shoveling your driveway. We can plow it for you quickly.


For an even greener lawn you can add on any or all of our extra applications. We offer Fall Aeration, grub control, insect control, additional weed control, and Fall overseeding. For irrigated lawns we also recommend Spring Aeration, additional fertilization and three fungus prevention treatments.

Irrigation Services:

Snow Removal:

Fertilization Plan: We start with SEVEN (7) applications. This includes pre-emergent, fertilizers, weed control, and winterizer for a healthy lawn all year. Applications are in March through November.

Lawn Care Services:

Landscape Design: We offer custom landscape design for beauty, water management, outdoor living and problem solving.

Landscape Maintenance: We can clean up your landscape by trimming bushes and decorative plants, weeding in and around bedding and trimming trees.

Mulching: Adding wood chips around plants should be done regularly to maintain moisture and a clean appearance.

​Hardscapes: Create an outdoor living space with stone. It adds space for you to relax and value to your home.

Landscape Lighting: A well lit exterior is an excellent way to deter would be burglars. We can light up your outside world.

Tree & Shrub Installation: Our experts can help choose trees and shrubs to add natural beauty to your home. ​​

Add on Fertilizer Services:

Fertilization Services:

Irrigation Installation: We install custom irrigation systems without destroying your established lawn. 

Irrigation Plan: Our Irrigation plan includes spring activation, inspection and fine tuning of your sprinkler system. We also include winterization and compressed air blowout (if needed) in the fall.

Backflow Preventer Testing: The local water department requires backflow preventer testing each year to protect the drinking water. We offer discounted backflow preventer testing if you have our irrigation plan. We also do the test without the irrigation plan.

MOWING: We offer Weekly Lawn Mowing service beginning in March and continuing into fall as needed. This service includes mowing, trimming, edging as well as blowing grass from all non-turf areas such as pavement, landscape, decks or patios. We only bag as needed. This allows the grass clippings to return nutrients to the soil.

Spring and Fall Clean up:​ Ask us about leaf cleanup in the spring and fall for a well kept lawn.

Seeding: Add grass seed to thinning areas to thicken the lawn.

​Sodding: We install sod to create an instantly green, grass filled lawn.